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Invest in more than a radio station.

Invest in your community. 

Less Than 10 Miles From Where You Now Sit, Stand, Walk, Exist
There Is More Talent, Wit, and Wisdom
Than Any Television, Video Game, or Shopping Mall
… Stop
… Look …
… Listen


Mid Valley Radio

The Voice of The Valley

Where Content Is King

Mid Valley Radio is the Voice of The San Gabriel Valley bringing listeners community based programming and platters that matter. Whether you are listening to the best in local and national sports, asian pop, or celebrating the first three decades in rock n roll, Mid Valley Radio has programming that is guaranteed to put more glide in your stride and take the glue from your shoe.

For information about our programming philosophy, including our mission statement and broadcasting goals, read more About Us.

So please....sit back, relax, and perhaps become a fan of our mission. If you like what you hear, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, and continue to check out our website.

Thank you for Listening and making us a part of your day.





Coming Up...

Tuesday, September 16
Glenn's Movie Review
Funk & Freestyle
A-Pop Fusion

Wednesday, September 17
The Joe Show

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